IndigoMoon Aussies
Pictures of some of our previous litters~~ SIred by AKC CH "Sonny"
~"Lily"~ DOB: 5/07 (alt) Lily is a Sonny daughter
(AKC CH Sonny X Dixie) Lily is owned and loved by
Connie who is a professional photographer
specializing in animals, and natural portraits. Click on
her link to see her amazing work! Lily's best friend
forever is Dillion, a beautiful blue merle.
Connie's photography site here~
~Maggie~ DOB: 5/07  (Ch Sonny x Dixie) (alt)
Owned and loved by the Holton family. Sonny
daughter. What a beautiful girl!
~"Hank" (Dante), DOB: 5/07. Hank, aka- Buddy lives with Johnny and runs a working cattle farm. He
has 300 acres to run on, and his herding instincts are spot on! He is a true working Aussie, and
never leaves Johnny's side. If Hank can't come along, Johnny won't go! (new pics coming soon)
(Blue merle male) Ch Sonny X Dixie litter. Hank lives with my daughter-in-law's second cousin. He
runs two farms on the border of Ok and Ar. He says Hank will only move the cows on call or recall,
that otherwise, he wants to play! He has a favorite game of hiding his balls in the barn, and then he
and Johnny go find them! Hank is a gorgeous silver blue, a big boy weighing in at 60 pounds! He is
in top condition, and has such a great life!
~"Bandit"~ Ch Sonny x Dixie (alt) DOB: 5/07.
Bandit lives with my brother and family in
Arizona. He is started in Agility, and is very
fast and super smart!
"Fifty"; Ch Sonny x Dixie. 5/07; Bred by
IndigoMoon. Owned by Barb and Mike
in Illinois.
"Kane"; Ch Sonny x Trinity. Dob; 9/09 ~
Red Merle male, (alt) Kane lives next door with his
dam Trinity, and full sister Isis. (pictured on left)
Ch Sonny x Trinity~
Callie (black tri female) at 2 years.
Maddie (blue merle female) at 1 year.
Owned and loved by the Warmerdam
family in Ca. They help the family run
their Walnut farm. What a pair of
beautiful girls!
"Isis"  AKC Ch Sonny x Trinity.
Bred and owned by
CountryLand, Co-bred by
IndigoMoon. Dob: 9/09, photo
taken at 6 months. (BMF, photo
"Jackson"~ Ch Sonny x
Trinity. Owned and loved by
Megan and John. (alt) Above
Ch Sonny x
Trinity. Red
tri female
(alt). Owned
and loved by
Tommy in
"Bella; "Ch Sonny x Trinity
9/09. Owned and loved by
Alisha in Washington state.
Pic above
"Jasper & Shorty" 6/10; (alt)
Ch Sonny x Trinity~ Loved and
spoiled with Theresa, Jack and
their Aussie "cousins"!
"Flossy"; AKC pointed.
5/07-11/09. Rest in peace
dear girl.
Ch Sonny x Dixie
Bred, owned, loved and
handled by IndigoMoon
Full dentition/scissors bite
OFA- Good-
Cerf- Clear, no notations
Clearances done prior to
her untimely passing~
"Maxiumus" RTD on right.
Owned and loved by Randy and Gayla in
Northeast Arkansas..
What a beautiful big boy; known around town as a
"Stud dog centerfold"~
Ch Sonny x Trinity- New picture taken
Maximus has incredible structure and is looking
for a "girlfriend". Although I do not own him,
please contact me if you are interested so I can
forward you to Randy or Gayla.
"Willow" (alt bmf)~ Willow resides in Kansas with
her human mom, Dicksie, and her cat bff, Bentley.
Willow is the queen and sleeps with mom and
Bentley every night! She is spoiled rotten, and is
a loving, gentle companion.