~IndigoMoon Aussies~
Copper Oaks Luck Of The Draw; "Lucky" ~ May 2007- December 30, 2013
We named you quick and all agreed
but how could we have known?
That we would be the "lucky" ones
to have you as our own.

You never won a ribbon
no titles you brought home.
But the loyalty and love you gave
could be replaced by none.

It seems like only yesterday
a fuzzy, happy pup.
And now we count the minutes
as our precious time is up.

I don't know how to say goodbye
I've tried a million times.
But ten years worth of memories
it's a lot to leave behind.

I know I should be grateful
but that doesn't ease the pain.
The tears they fall now everyday
and our life is not the same.

I hope you heard me whisper
when I held you one last time.
The love you gave so constantly
was not wasted or in vain.

Slowly we are learning
to live without you here.
I look up to the Heavens
and hope your waiting there.

My Lucky you were everything
I could not have asked for more.
But in truth we were the "lucky" ones
from the moment you were born.

We weren't supposed to pick you
but I praise God's might
y plan.
How grateful we will always be
and how very blessed I am.

Thank you for the loyal years
you always gave your best.
And know that now I carry you
In my heart and soul you rest.

There will never be another "you"
I wouldn't even try.
And I promise that I'll be okay
I guess I just need time.

Wait for me as you run free
and listen closely for that sound.
Just like you did here everyday
for my special mommy sound.

I miss you more than you could know
I touch your lock of fur.
I close my eyes, go back in time
reliving all you were.

A picture hangs above my bed
taken many years ago.
Everything comes rushing back
as if you did not go.

Be in peace my sweet "best boy"
and let's not say goodbye.
I promise that I'll do my best
to think of you with joy.

And don't you worry Lucky
that last promise that I made.
Your mommy she will be okay
because of all the love you gave.
Photos taken on Sunday,
December 29, 2013~